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Introduction to Tyrants Among Us

Tyrants Among Us invites the reader to learn from the lived experience of Marvin Gaye, Princess Diana, Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii, as well as the Indigenous people of the American and African Continents and the Pacific Islands. Their lives were devastated by predatory, parasitical tyrants, a pathological few really, who are still among us and, today, are devastating the lives of all living beings on Earth.

The pathological few believe they are gods, divide the world in superior, perfect me and inferior, imperfect other and behave as if this delusional division is true. They use the easiest way to be bigger than they really are - lying and projecting a false image – and, for generation after generation, have been demanding unlimited indulgence to the detriment of all other people. Their sense of entitlement does not come from true effort or merit. They are not more special, more experienced or more enlightened. They don’t have super powers, a more fine-tuned perception or special knowledge about the meaning of life. If anything, they are degenerated. Yet they demand extravagant and unearned privileges, allowances and honors. The wires in the brains of the pathological few are so twisted that they consider speaking up and asserting basic rights as an insult and speaking truth and appealing to justice as treason.

No matter how much they already have, the pathological few want it all and they blackmail, terrorize and kill to get it, just like the Bounty mutineers did on Pitcairn Island, the Putnam family during the witch hunt in Salem, Massachusetts, the Cosa Nostra in Sicily or German Nazis -

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